Dental Extractions - Manchester, NH

There are many reasons why a patient might require a dental extraction—from removing an impacted wisdom tooth, to reducing infection from a broken tooth to making space for braces. Whatever the reason behind your tooth extraction, you can trust our caring, professional team with your procedure.

Using the Latest Tooth Extraction Technology

While tooth extraction is a common procedure, each patient’s needs are unique. The procedure will vary according to where the tooth is located in the mouth, and how its roots are structured.

If a tooth is concerning you and you’re not sure what to do about it, schedule a consultation with us. Dr. Bryan will give you a thorough evaluation and if necessary, come up with the best treatment option for your particular needs. Any required procedures will be performed using the latest tools and technology to ensure your overall comfort and long-term oral health.

Man with toothache

Tooth Extraction in Greater Manchester

If you need a tooth extraction, contact the professionals at Dr. Roland Bryan Periodontics. Our experienced team will give you a thorough evaluation and create the best treatment plan for your specific dental needs.


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