Gum Graft Treatments - Manchester, NH

Gum grafting is a procedure commonly used to stop the progression of gum recession and help prevent tooth decay and loss. A receding gum line is something that happens very gradually over time. If your teeth appear longer, or you’ve developed a sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink, your gums may be receding, exposing your tooth’s root.

Causes of Gum Recession

Gum Grafting Procedures

Gum grafting helps protect your dental roots from any further exposure and will relieve you of the discomfort associated with recessed gums. In some cases, soft tissue gum grafting may be used as part of dental implant surgery.

Gum Grafts for Cosmetic Purposes

If your gum line is uneven or your teeth look overly long, gum grafting can also help improve the appearance of your smile.

Gum Graft Dentist in Greater Manchester

Dr. Bryan uses several different gum grafting techniques, which will vary according to your particular needs and cosmetic goals. To find out if gum grafting is a good option for you, contact our office. We proudly serve patients in the Greater Manchester area, including the towns of Hooksett, Bedford, and Merrimack.


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